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Kiln Firing Service

At Beyond Pottery we are happy to share our kiln with the public! With a few requirements we can help transform your clay into ceramic! 


Firing Requirements & Expectations


  • Our bisque firing temperatures are between cone 04-06 and our glaze firing temperatures are midrange, cone 5-6. *All clay and glazes used to create your work must be compatible to reach cone 5 or 6 temperature*.(If you require a different firing temperature you may be able to rent out the entire kiln -  please speak with us to see if we can accommodate your specific need.)

  • Before we fire your work, a deposit of $150 is required. This is an insurance policy to help protect our kiln against any damages that may be caused by common clay construction/decoration issues like explosions or runny glazes. If there are no damages to our kiln from firing your work we will return your $150 deposit back. In the case that there are damages, we will not return your deposit and use the deposit to fix the damages.

  • To prevent kiln shelf damage, the bottom or underside of all works must be wiped clean of glaze.

  • Works will be fired within 2-4 weeks from the date you drop your works off to be fired. This timeline is dependent on the state of your work (for example if the piece is dry enough to be fired) and the space available in our kiln. If you require an expedited firing, you may be able to rent the entire kiln, please contact us to see if we can accommodate your deadline. 

  • Beyond Pottery is a teaching and learning facility that is frequented by clay members as well as students from kids and adult classes. By firing with us you acknowledge that we are unable to control accidental damages incurred within the studio or in the kiln from others’ works.  

Firing Prices

Are dependent on how much space is used to fire your work in the kiln. The prices for a glaze firing and bisque firing are the same.

1/2 of a kiln shelf   $15

One kiln shelf        $25

Half kiln             $40

Full Kiln             $70

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